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The perfect overhead paddleboard storage idea for your garage, apartment, shop or other urban location: hang your SUP board from the ceiling!

Using the Harken Hoister system, your paddle board, surfboard or wind surfing board is suspended securely from the ceiling. Superior to racks, hooks, wall mounts, wall hangers or other storage organization options because your paddleboard hangs in often unused ceiling space. Mount it above your garage parking space and store your SUP board directly from your car or truck.

Harken paddle board hanger lifts are designed to be operated easily by one person. Raises and lowers even heavy windsurfing boards with a single rope using an innovative pulley design which keeps the load steady and even regardless of weight distribution. Self-locking safety kicks in instantly if the rope is accidentally released. Stainless steel hardware, double-braid rope for strength, durability and long life.

When it comes to creative SUP board storage accessories, this is as good as it gets! Works for all kinds of boards (paddle boards, surfboards, windsurfing boards, etc.). Can also be used to efficiently store other household accessories such as ladders, lawn equipment, etc..

Everything is included for quick and easy mounting and installation. Please see our online videos section for examples of how to use a Harken Lifter for paddleboard garage storage. And feel free to contact our online support if you have any questions about storing your SUP board.

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Harken Hoister SUP & Board Lift System, 10-45 lbs, 10' Lift

Harken Hoister SUP & Board Lift System, 10-45 lbs, 10' Lift

Ideal storage accessory for all types of boards (SUP/Paddleboards, surfboards, wind surf boards), mo..


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