Privacy Policy

Security: All financial information you provide when ordering is held in strict confidentiality.  Data is transmitted through secure internet connections that provide industry standard security. User information is encrypted at your browser and then decrypted when it arrives at our severs. We do not currently store customer credit card information.

Privacy: Maintaining your privacy is important to us. Outside of transactions required to provide service (for example, payment processing) we do not share, rent, sell, or exchange your personal information, including your name, your e-mail and your mailing address, with third parties. In short, we never sell information about our users.

Data Collection: We collect only data required to provide service. This includes the use of cookies and basic server logging. User inputted data during checkout and account creation is stored and used only for purchasing and shipping related transactions. At times we may use 3rd party analytics to provide us with information about our traffic. We do not actively share data with such services, however by nature of being present on a page, have access to basic visitor information such as IP address and the web browser being used.